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  India is a hub for competitive examinations, from JEE and NEET (Entrance Examinations) to UPSC and IBPS SO (Government Positions), the competition is endless. Passing these exams is not easy, it requires a lot of dedication, skills, presence of mind, knowledge and self-confidence. It is difficult to achieve everything in educational institutions where one teacher teaches more than 100 students. This is where artificial intelligence technologies come in. From building your confidence and helping you develop the skills you need, to expanding your knowledge and preparing you to be your best, AI can do it all. Here are 5 ways AI is helping students prepare for competitive exams: Use a chatbot as a teacher One of the major disadvantages of offline learning is that the teacher cannot be near every student. But what about a chatbot that interacts like your teacher and presents questions and videos that are best for you? AI tools help you set the perfect pace One size does not work

Humanoid Robots(1)


Humanoid Robots(1)


Robots like Humans:

We will first take into account that how the mechanics of our frame and robots may be very similar to a very commonplace and clean DIY Experiment.  techgeeksblogger

DIY Basic hand:

You want 4 straws, Cardboard Plank, Glue, Scissors and 10m Thread reel

Cut the card inside the shape of a Hand i.E. Arm extension into four palms. (Let us ignore thumb for now). Fold all 4 finger extensions on cardboard such that it bureaucracy  joints and 3 phalanges on each finger. Now reduce the straw and glue them on every phalanx. Make sure their size is smaller than respective phalanx. Now reduce the thread into 4 parts and pass it through every of these arms. One end of the thread have to be fixed at the open end of the finger whilst the opposite quit of the all 4 pieces should be tied together. Your primary hand is ready. Now, while you hold the cardboard hand from the position of the wrist and pull the Knot in which it is tied collectively, you can see the 4 hands bend within the movement similar to our hand whilst we grip something. You can see for your self how person arms by way of pulling individual threads rather than the knot as well. You have created one of the maximum primary robot arm structure.

What did we learn from this architecture? Notice how every finger has its own thread to get pulled, see a single pull offers motion to every phalanx one after the other and whilst we want to apply more than one palms, just pull all collectively and be aware that every work collectively. Their motion might be behind schedule and each finger may also form curve at exceptional speeds as we are pulling unique period of the palms with the same force, from the same factor.

These are some of the small matters that are taken into the consideration at the same time as making every a part of the limbs then also the torso. This is proved cooperative for the people with disabilities, deprived of an actual limb. The courage used for moving any of the arms should be passing from the top hand. For someone whose arm is simplest until the ankle, sensory cords are linked to the lower part of the upper arm and an digital armature is created to move with recognize to the movement of the muscle at that decrease a part of the arm. This way, one will have an arm controlled by using our brains much like some other arm.


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