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  India is a hub for competitive examinations, from JEE and NEET (Entrance Examinations) to UPSC and IBPS SO (Government Positions), the competition is endless. Passing these exams is not easy, it requires a lot of dedication, skills, presence of mind, knowledge and self-confidence. It is difficult to achieve everything in educational institutions where one teacher teaches more than 100 students. This is where artificial intelligence technologies come in. From building your confidence and helping you develop the skills you need, to expanding your knowledge and preparing you to be your best, AI can do it all. Here are 5 ways AI is helping students prepare for competitive exams: Use a chatbot as a teacher One of the major disadvantages of offline learning is that the teacher cannot be near every student. But what about a chatbot that interacts like your teacher and presents questions and videos that are best for you? AI tools help you set the perfect pace One size does not work

How to Choose a Computer Science Specialization


IT vacancies are high demand. Of the 50 positions in the list of best works of GlassDoor in the United States, based on potential potentials, job satisfaction, as well as the number of work discoveries in 2021-17 from listed posts in the field of computer sciences. and technology.

According to the management of labor statistics, the average salary of these roles exceeds 126,000 dollars per year. Even more promising is that the growth of work for the roles of informatics and information is expected to increase by 22 percent to 2030, more than three times on average for national growth in all work. The average unemployment rate of many stem roles is also much lower than the average, in accordance with US reports. UU and global report.

IT assessments and specialization.

Due to the high demand and skills necessary for jobs in this area, many employers are looking for candidates with advanced computing to meet these high remuneration roles. In fact, the record of working glass data shows that almost four in 10 computer works are requested by candidates who have expert degrees.

Next, we offer views of some of the most common specializations within the framework of this area, career options that best are consistent with these specializations and annual profit potential for individuals within these concentrations.

Do you have a technical or non-technical fund, this is what you need to know.

11 General Computer Specializations

1. Artificial intelligence.

Description: Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a computer system to solve problems, make predictions or complete complex tasks. AI applications use developing technologies, such as processing natural languages ​​that interpret written and speaking words and automatic training that allows applications to make forecasts and recommendations.

Skills: Mathematics and analysis, algorithms, forecast modeling.

Total roles: Artificial intelligence architect, artificial intelligence researcher, automatic learning engineer

Average annual salary for AI skills: 125,000 dollars

Additional Information: Top 5 Racing in Artificial Intelligence

2. Computer-human interface

Description: This specialization considers many ways to interact with computers, from websites and mobile phones to speakers included in voice and virtual reality. Development and implementation of an effective interface require the use of standard libraries to ensure compatibility and ease of use of applications on all systems.

Skills: Communication, Interpersonal skills, visual attention, mapping how people use software and systems

Total Roles: User Designer Experience (UX), User Experience Explorer, Designer of Interaction

Average annual salary for HCI: $ 118 942

Learn more: What is human interaction - a computer?

3. Game design.

Description: In addition to realistic images that today, today's computer games are so attractive, specialization in computer design science analyzes AI and automatic learning, which defines how players progress through the game. The design of the game also believes how the work of the front designers and capital developers should meet for cohesive product experience.

Skills: visual details, collaboration, coding and script.

Common Roles: Video game Designer, Video Game Developer, Software Developer

Middle salary game design skills: $ 115 846

Additional information: Career Tips for Video Games.

4. Network Networks

Description: This specialization focuses on how organizations use wireless and wireless networks to exchange information with internal and external stakeholders. Responsibilities include bandwidth management, traffic, user security and network security, as well as any device connected to the network.

Skills: Diagnose and solve network problems, network architecture design

Overview: Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Network Architect

Average annual salary for network management skills: ranges 59,865 US dollars (network analyst) up to 121,412 dollars (network architect)

5. Computer graphics

Description: This specialization focuses on two and three-dimensional images used in various software applications, including

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