India is a hub for competitive examinations, from JEE and NEET (Entrance Examinations) to UPSC and IBPS SO (Government Positions), the competition is endless. Passing these exams is not easy, it requires a lot of dedication, skills, presence of mind, knowledge and self-confidence. It is difficult to achieve everything in educational institutions where one teacher teaches more than 100 students. This is where artificial intelligence technologies come in. From building your confidence and helping you develop the skills you need, to expanding your knowledge and preparing you to be your best, AI can do it all.

Here are 5 ways AI is helping students prepare for competitive exams:

Use a chatbot as a teacher

One of the major disadvantages of offline learning is that the teacher cannot be near every student. But what about a chatbot that interacts like your teacher and presents questions and videos that are best for you?

AI tools help you set the perfect pace

One size does not work when it comes to teaching, learning and understanding. All students are different and they need a different amount of time to learn something. Where it was almost impossible to include every possible learning style in every lesson while keeping the perfect pace. Artificial intelligence has made this possible, now with the help of AI Tools, each student can set the perfect pace when it suits him.

Availability of educational material in an understandable form

Language has always been a barrier, especially for students from rural areas. Sometimes the extensive program of competitive examinations makes it difficult for the student to understand. With the help of artificial intelligence technologies, it is now possible to obtain educational material in a simpler and more understandable form.

Unlimited information and progress tracking

It's nice when you're not limited by the data you have in your textbooks. AI opens the door to an unlimited source of information. You can take various quizzes, download past exam quizzes, and more. It will also help you keep track of your progress and set different goals for yourself.

In conclusion, AI empowers all students to prepare for competitive exams with more confidence and skill than ever before.

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